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August 19, 2014

Table of Contents:


Chris Dilley

Chris Dilley

General Manager 

Hello everyone!

Did you know that it is Owner Appreciation Days right now at YOUR co-op? It's true! And we are trying something new this time: We have not sent out the green postcard that you are used to getting. Instead, we are using our eNews, Facebook, and lots of in-store signage and communication to remind you that we are here for you, and grateful for all you bring to the PFC.

Through this Sunday, August 24, come on down to your co-op and get 10% off most everything in the store! In addition to that, check out: 

  • Bulk organic peanut butter for only $5.49 per pound (regularly $6.99/lb)
  • Local from Lawton, Naturally Norms' frozen chicken 30% off!
  • Local from Kalamazoo, Veggie Bites pickles are all 20% off! 

These and more extra-special sales through Sunday only!

Have a great week knowing that YOU are appreciated! And read on for more affirming news from your co-op.



Jacob Pinney-Johnson

Jacob Pinney-Johnson

Outreach Coordinator 

Peace PFC people, I hope all are well and as healthy as can be! You’ve heard it before, but don’t forget: Can It Yo! is coming up next week! Join us on Wednesday, August 27 from 3-7pm to celebrate the abundance of summer!

Going along with Can It Yo!, we are holding a food drive -- you may have noticed the big round bin if you’ve been in the store recently. We are hoping to collect as much non-perishable food as possible, because all of the proceeds will go to supporting the great work that Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes is doing the help address the serious issue of poverty and hunger in Kalamazoo. 

Another reason we chose to host the food drive has to do with the time of year. We are all used to food drives happening during the winter season, especially around the “holidays,” when charitable giving is on most of our minds. It turns out that most food donations happen in the winter months, creating a shortage of important food assistance during the late summer, when last year’s surplus is running low. Because of that, we were deliberate hosting a food drive in August.  If you can, please give and help spread the word!    


Randall Davis

Randall Davis

Produce Lead

Rosie is off sailing the high seas of produce adventure in search of a treasure trove of knowledge, and sent me a message in a bottle to share with all you landlubbers. 

Ahoy! Are you ready for Owner Appreciation Days? We've got freshly dug local potatoes from Cinzori Family Farms on sale for $1.49 per pound for co-op owners and brand new Owner Specials start tomorrow as well!

Get your onion fix with the savory cuties just in from Earth Friends Farm in Richland, MI. Ben from Earth Friends puts a lot of love and care into his soil and the result is an onion with great flavor at a great price! Stop by and try some out as all Red, Yellow, and White onions are on sale for $1.29 per pound for co-op owners!

Every tasty onion needs a pepper friend! Lucky for us we have a plethora or perky peppers sailing in from our friends at Cinzori Family Farms. Check out these chilies! Serrano, Anneheim, poblano, yellow wax, hot Hungarian, Cubanelle, and banana peppers. And you’ll even find tasty green bell peppers on sale for owners for only $1.99 per pound! Your grill awaits...

Speaking of grilling, what goes better with outdoor eats than fresh melons!? We've got local cantaloupe and watermelons rolling in this week and they are looking fantastic! Stop by and take a sniff of these melons! 

Until next time... assuming the great Kraken doesn't get us! 


Chris Broadbent

Chris Broadbent

Farmer's Market Manager

The heat and storms of summer are here! I absolutely love the unforgettable blue skies at the 100-Mile Market on Wednesdays, so I hope for a chance to shop with them tomorrow afternoon. 

At the Kalamazoo Farmers' Market, a huge weekend is in the works:

The return of Saturday Food Fun for all ages! At 10am and noon, prepare your very own fresh salsa with Chef Channon. Smallmouth Band takes the stage at 11am, with Calico playing live bright and early at 8:30am. Visit Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market for 100-plus businesses from across Michigan selling you and yours the fresh foods of our dreams. Food trucks and food carts, breakfast, lunch, and dinner supplies all in one shopping trip!

In the near future, come shop with us at the 100-Mile Market! Fresh baked goods, ice cold brewed coffees, crepes (new choices weekly), Bistro on the Roll, and all your favorite and yet to be discovered favorite, produce sellers!

The 100-Mile Market proudly accepts SNAP benefits, Double Up Food Bucks, WIC Project FRESH and Senior Market FRESH coupons.

Please remember that Can it Yo! is next week Wednesday August 27 from 3-7pm, featuring demos, kids activities, and mega deals! See you soon and smiling. May the force be with you.


Abby Wood

Abby Wood

Deli Assistant

Owner Appreciation Days are once again upon us, and we’ve planned something a little special for you in the Deli. Until August 24, owners get 20% off of every type of hummos that we make in store. That’s right, our full lineup is all on sale, because we care!

Maybe you’re a loyal devotee of our top-selling cashew curry hummos, or you’re one of the vocal advocates who brought about the return of the garlic seed hummos. Maybe you understand the importance of tradition in our classic Co-op hummos, or you’re one of the beautiful souls who prefer your hummos with a kick of spicy chipotle (if so, we should totally hang out sometime). We’ve got a little something for everybody, or at least everybody who understands the importance of delicious, protein-packed, dippable snacks.


Abbie Miller

Abbie Miller

Wellness Buyer

Happy Owner Appreciation Days! Our extra special wellness Owner Special for OAD is $14.99 for Rainbow Light's chocolate and vanilla Protein Energizers! Rainbow Light's description of these terrific vegan protein powders says it all:

"Give your body the nourishment and strength it needs with Rainbow Light’s protein powder energizer. Made with non-allergenic brown rice protein and combined with organic spirulina, vegetable juice concentrates and herbs, you body will thank you. Plant-source enzymes aid in digestion so you will not experience bloating! Protein Energizer is free of gluten, soy, dairy, yeast, fish/shellfish and nuts. Best of all there is no added sugar for a difference you can feel!"


Max Hospadaruk

Max Hospadaruk

Bulk & Bakery Buyer

Hello once again, co-operators!  Max here, filling in for Ken this week as he travels to the neighboring Barony of Co-optania to treat with the sinister Baron Organiquo during the gala for the baron's betrothal to Queen Zuchiney. Intrigue abounds, though, as Ken has been secretly tasked by the queen with solving her brother's mysterious disappearance one week ago... at Organiquo Manor!

Many of you love, as I do, the delicious flavor styles and probiotic tang of locally brewed Bloom Ferments Kombucha. We're taking Kombucha to the next level here at the Co-op: now, right next to the water machine, check out Bloom Ferments on tap, on Owner Special starting tomorrow for just $2.79/lb, regularly $3.29/lb!  Grab either Ginger Zinziber or Hibiscus Parejas, (or mix them to your liking!) in any size you want, from a single serving cup to a big ole' growler full, we've got you covered! (and of course, as always, bring in your own containers of any size and we'll be happy to weigh them out for you!)

Summer! Back-to-school! Seasonal buzzwords!  I'm trying to squeeze every last second of summer out of this month, and that means I'm grilling like a maniac!  If you love a grill classic, you should check out our new hot dogs from Garrett Valley, on owner special for $6.99 ea (reg. $8.99). These GMO-free, antibiotic free, weird-ingredient-free 'dogs are crowd pleasers, plain and simple!

I heard a rumor: local lake trout is coming to the Co-op frozen department literally any minute now (okay, it's actually on sale right now). If you don't know what's to love about local, native, wild-caught freshwater fish, then I just don't know what to tell you, besides: get on board this trout train! 

You know how they say you haven't really had crab until you've had it in Maryland (or wherever, I’m no crab expert, I leave that to Heather Colburn)? Well, you haven't had trout till you've had it caught out of the icy, crystalline waters of the majestic Lake Huron. It is no exaggeration in my mind to say that this is the tastiest fish human mouths have ever tasted.



Your valuable feedback helps us make improvements and guides our decision making. Take our weekly poll.

This week's question: Have you visited other food co-ops recently? What did you like about them? What is your vision for how the PFC will change, evolve, and develop?

Last week's question: We’re looking to bring in more cultures used for making cheeses at home. What kind of cheese would you like to make? See the results here.


We love our owners and we want to thank you for being one! Come into the store during Owner Appreciation week for extra Owner Specials. Don't forget to bring in your postcard (coming in the mail) to receive 10% off (non-sale items) of one order during the week. Are you or someone you love not yet a Co-op owner? Stop in the store to sign up yourself, or pick up an ownership form for a friend or family member! More information about ownership here.


Thursday, August 7-August 28 – People’s Food Co-op (507 Harrison St, Kalamazoo)

It’s the season of summer abundance; let’s not forget to share with those in need! Please consider donating your canned and non-perishable goods during our food drive with Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes. You can find our donation bin at the entrance of the store.


Register for one of our fun, interactive cooking classes! All classes are held in the Can-Do Kitchen (511 Harrison St). Values Program classes are $5 each; all other classes are $20 per adult, kids come free. And come hungry! In our classes, you’ll always eat well. Space is limited, so please sign up today with a friendly PFC cashier!   

  • Quick, Cool, Gluten-Free – Tuesday, August 19, 6:30-8pm
    Join PFC owner and cooking instructor Vicki Mitchell to learn all about cooking easy, fun, delicious meals for summer, all wheat-free! Please note that all ingredients used will be certified gluten-free; however, the Can-Do Kitchen is used to prepare foods with gluten. Those with severe gluten allergies should be advised that the Can-Do Kitchen is not a gluten-free environment.
  • Vegan Soul – Tuesday, September 16, 6:30-8pm
    Denise Miller merges traditional soul food with a vegan approach in this one of a kind cooking class. Not to be missed! 
  • Cooking on a Budget – Tuesday, September 30,  6:30-8pm
    Join Heather Mitchell in learning to shop and cook using healthy ingredients on a budget. This class costs only $5! 


Wednesday, August 27, 3-7pm – People’s Food Co-op (507 Harrison St, Kalamazoo)

Join our second annual food preservation party at the 100-Mile Market! In honor of the abundance of summer, we’re throwing a canning, pickling, and fermentation bash, full of kids’ activities, live music, educational cooking demos, and more. Buy fresh produce in bulk and preserve it to last all winter!


Wednesdays, 3pm-7pm (May–October) -- People's Food Co-op parking lot (507 Harrison St., Kalamazoo)

Join us for the 100-Mile Market every Wednesday, May through October! All food sold at this market is required to be grown or produced within 100 miles of Kalamazoo.  

We accept Bridge Cards at the market, and we'll be participating again in the Double Up Food Bucks program starting in June! SNAP benefits customers, bring your Bridge Card to the market to get your SNAP tokens. In June, SNAP benefits will be matched up to $20 for fresh Michigan-grown fruits and veggies! That's $20 for free! Click here for this week’s vendor list.


Tuesdays & Thursdays (June – October), Saturdays (May – November), 7am-2pm – 1204 Bank St., Kalamazoo

People's Food Co-op is proud to manage the Kalamazoo Farmers' Market! Our purpose is to connect consumers directly to food sources through honest relationships and to support local food businesses through a vibrant market culture. Our Kalamazoo Farmers' Market Manager, Chris Broadbent, is available to answer questions. Find more information on market vendors, news, and events at the Kalamzoo Farmers' Market website.


Thursday, August 28 5:30pm and 8pm -- Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (180 Portage St, Kalamazoo)

Fair Food Matters and the People's Food Co-op are proud to present two free, public screenings of the new film, FED UP, which claims to be "the film the food industry doesn't want you to see." Although this is a free event, registration is required! Please register here.


Monday, September 15, 7-8pm – People's Food Co-op (507 Harrison St., Kalamazoo) 

Volunteers are what make co-ops great, and we believe we've got some of the best volunteers in the country! If you've applied to volunteer at People's, you'll first need to attend an orientation session, where we'll make sure you have everything you need to join our all-star team. Please RSVP with our volunteer coordinator today! To learn more about becoming a volunteer, check out our Help Out page.


Wednesday, September 17, 7:30-8:30pm – People's Food Co-op (507 Harrison St, Kalamazoo)

Perhaps you are a PFC owner, but you're not really sure what that means. Maybe you just became an owner and want an introduction to the store. Join us for one of our new monthly owner orientations! Gain a better understanding about ownership, learn more about your Co-op, and meet other PFC owners and staff. If you are interested in joining us, please RSVP with our media and communications coordinator, Chris Moore.


Monday, October 6, 7-9pm – Ignertia Offices (518 E. North St, Kalamazoo)

The Board meets the first Monday of every month. Our meetings are open to the public and all owners and community members are encouraged to attend. For more info, visit our Board of Directors page.


Our owners are why we are here! Owners are shoppers and investors, and it is their investment, in part, that will make our expansion a success. Here are the current stats: 

Current owner count: 2593!
New owners in 2014: 237!
Current equity invested: $385,860!



To share news or an event, please email media and communications coordinator, Chris Moore.


August 19-24 – Circle Pines Center (8650 Mullen Rd, Delton, MI)

Circle Pines Center is pleased to announce its second annual People's Institute this August 19-24! This rich program combines elements of both adult and kids’ camp, weaving together educational, recreational, and cooperative experiences for people of all ages. This year's Institute explores the theme of Diversity, focusing on issues areas including LGBTQ+, Holistic Health Care, Age Diversity, Native American rights, and Immigration.
For program information, schedule updates, and registration details, call 269-623-5555, or visit our People's Institute page.


Saturday, September 13, 10am-noon -- 3299 Gull Road, Kalamazoo
Enter your home grown tomatoes in our competition or come to taste and vote for your favorites! There are prizes for first place winners in many categories, including cherry and Roma varieties, heirloom varieties, and most attractive garden basket. Come for the contest, stay for cooking demos, face painting, door prizes, and food vendors. For more information, call 269.383-8830.


Sunday, September 21 – Tiller’s International (10515 E O P Ave, Scotts, MI)

Fair Food Matters' 12th Annual Southwest Michigan Community Harvest Fest is just around the corner! We are seeking sponsors, program advertisers, exhibitors, and volunteers to help out on the day of the event.  
This year's event will feature keynote speaker, Dr. Martin Reinhardt, an Anishinaabe Ojibway citizen of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians from Michigan and Assistant Professor of Native American Studies at Northern Michigan University. And as always, we'll have live music, local food vendors, demonstrations, a family tent, and much more! We are seeking sponsors, program advertisers, exhibitors, and volunteers to help out on the day of the event.  
Please read more about these opportunities here and contact Sheena with any questions. See you there!


The Office for Sustainability at WMU is seeking a qualified and passionate individual to develop, plan, and deliver permaculture programming at the Gibbs House Permaculture Site. The Coordinator creates an educational experience for all students and community members who visit the Gibbs House Permaculture Site. The Site provides a supportive research and education space for developing, testing, and learning about sustainable land management practices, food production, and ecological living. Click here for more information.


Tuesdays, 3-6pm (starting June 3) – Douglass Community Association (1000 W Paterson St, Kalamazoo)

Farmers' market season is here! Our market helps connect local farmers to people who have less access to healthy food, and we have new plans to make the market sustainable for the farms and producers who participate. If you are interested in being a vendor at the Douglass Farmers' Market,please click here for more information. We'd love to see you there as a vendor or as a customer!


Mondays, June 16 - August 25, 6-7pm – Woodward School Garden (606 Stewart Ave, Kalamazoo)

We need your help to keep the school garden growing and to harvest for the farmer’s market.Children, families, friends, neighbors, and community members, come learn, play and grow at the Woodward School Garden on Mondays during the summer break!  It’s a great way to learn more about organic gardening and to spend some quality time outdoors. Call 269-492-1270 or contact for more info.


If you're concerned with where your food comes from and want to have a part in producing some of your own grains--wheat, barley, oats, quinoa, amaranth--get involved in this project! Shares cost $40 and a pledge of 16 hours of work over the course of the summer. Click here for more information and to sign up.


Because of PFC’s goal to provide access to healthy food for all, we have partnered with ERAC/Ce (Eliminating Racism and Claiming / Celebrating Equality). If you’re interested in this work, please consider the following upcoming events, or visit ERAC/Ce online for more information. All events are held at KRESA West Campus unless otherwise noted.
  • 2½-day Understanding & Analyzing Systemic Racism Workshop – September 25-27, 2014
  • 2½-day Understanding & Analyzing Systemic Racism Workshop – December 4-6, 2014


Get connected with local food and local growers! Check out the full list of Kalamazoo Area CSAs.


Farmers' markets are providing a great opportunity to meet local farmers and to pick up some great food, including: 

Are you inspired to eat closer to home? Do you want to find sources of local foods and share with other locavores? Well, here's a tool you'll not want to miss. To join hundreds of others with similar interests, visit their Yahoo Groups page. To learn more, please email Lori Evesque.