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June 30, 2015

Table of Contents:


Chris Dilley

Chris Dilley

General Manager   

Happy Independents Day (and Week)! 

Starting tomorrow, July 1, People's (along with all the businesses that make up Buy Local Greater Kalamazoo) is strutting our independent stuff! July 1 - 7 is Independents Week, and at People's you'll find samples of some of the products made by our favorite local, independent businesses. Come in and have yourself a local, independent scavenger hunt! 

Speaking of scavenger hunts, tomorrow also begins Bookbug's annual Where's Waldo event. Head to Bookbug tomorrow morning at 10am for the kickoff event. While you're there, pick up a passport for your kids, then come over to the PFC and the other local businesses listed, and do your best to find Waldo! Our teams have such a blast hiding Waldo in the best places. 

Finally, I want to make sure that the whole world knows that we're open this Saturday, July 4, regular hours (7am-9pm), and we're well stocked and ready to help you have the most food fun possible at your family cookout or other event. The Deli has a great Potato Salad! The produce is bountiful and super grillable! Our meat selection is fresh and flavorful. There's truly something for everyone! 

See you soon!


Bring this page on your smart phone, or click the image below to download a printer-friendly version.



Rosie Florian

Rosie Florian

Produce Manager 

I was so excited to get to work today and see the many varieties of heirloom organic summer squash grown by Cinzori Farm! If you love cooking but hate cooking in the summer heat, this is your new best friend, summer squash are for you! They are great for snacking on raw, but also salads and noodle dishes when heated slightly. Forget zucchini bread (or not if you love it), just slice each squash into a coin (takes 30 seconds), heat your pan up to medium with olive oil in the bottom, saute the squash until the color turns golden. Turn off the heat, add salt and pepper, eat a few coins and add to your dish! Here's a description of these squash cuties: 

  • Patty Pan squash look like little friendly UFO's flying around your cutting board
  • Eight Ball squash appear like they belong on a pool table they're so rolley-polley
  • Zephyr squash look like ice cream cones dipped in chocolate, only they are yellow squash dipped in zucchini 
  • Yellow Summer squash are your typical lovely squashey friend
  • Zucchini squash are so tender and beautiful, better flavor than you've had all year!


Bree Bird

Bree Bird

Farmer's Market Assistant

Hello Kalamazoo! Word on the street is that tomorrow is going to be dry and sunny… meaning, not raining. As in, very few clouds in the sky. You will not want to miss that! Come on down for our monthly OPEN MIC and these great local food vendors: 

  • Evelyn Thomas with fresh rhubarb (think pie!)
  • Bonamego with foraged greens, fresh flowers and fresh chestnuts
  • Eichorn Family Farm with fresh duck and chicken eggs and lamb
  • Young Earth Farm with all natural beef and pork
  • Missie’s Muffins with wheat free and not wheat free muffins
  • Katherine Steward with delicious pies and cookies
  • Mamaleelu Cold Brew Coffee 
  • Michelle Koles with One Balanced Box, locally sourced meal kits
  • Ryan DeRamus from Tillers International with 100% grass-fed beef and lamb
  • Ursula Chapman with homemade soaps and more
  • Granny Janny with herbal teas
  • Crepes by the Lakes with, you know, awesome crepes
  • And new to the market this week: Two Chicks Bakery with savory breads 

Join is in the sun! 

Also, play a game with me! I’ll ask a question here and you can answer it in person tomorrow for a prize. Ready? Here goes: Did you see the recent Coop Scoop newsletter cartoon about Washington Square Market?


Chris Orsolini

Chris Orsolini

Deli Manager

Some long-time PFC shoppers may remember Tofu Dill Salad. We've recently revived this old favorite and are making as a salad and sandwich filling! 

Tofu Dill Salad is made with local, Rosewood firm tofu, Veganaise, dill, garlic, and crunching roasted sunflower seeds.  Light, but rich tasting, Tofu Dill Salad is a great high protein meal choice. It's also vegan and wheat-free! We'll be featuring it 20% off for owner special in July.  Look for it in the Grab and Go Deli case.


Abbie Miller

Abbie Miller

Wellness Buyer

New sales start tomorrow! Our new Acure organic argan oils will all be on sale, as well as Alaffia's EveryDay Shea and EveryDay Coconut hair care and lotion, Garden of Life's organic Raw Meal replacement powder, and more! 

We also have several new items to look out for! I've gotten many requests for us to carry Epsom salts, and I've found a great brand that makes USP grade Epsom salts, and we've got them in 5 pound bags for $8.99! The big difference between Epsom salts and our Dead Sea mineral bath salts is that the Epsom salts are a single mineral compound, magnesium sulfate, manufactured in a pharmaceutical laboratory, while the Dead Sea mineral salts are a naturally occurring blend of many mineral compounds harvested from the Dead Sea. They are both excellent for baths, to soak, soften, detox, and relax. 

We also have a new smaller size of Seventh Generation's travel baby wipes, plus back for the summer are Lesley Serri's terrific locally-made Water Dragon bug spray, salve, and sunscreen cream! Don't forget your sunscreen as you celebrate outdoors this week!



It’s true, we’re open all day, 7am-9pm this Independence Day to keep you stocked with everything you’ll need for the holiday weekend. Come see us!


Wednesdays, 3pm-7pm (May-October) -- People's Food Co-op parking lot (507 Harrison St., Kalamazoo) 
Join us for the 100-Mile Market every Wednesday, May through October! All food sold at this market is required to be grown or produced within 100 miles of Kalamazoo. We accept Bridge Cards at the market! SNAP benefits customers, bring your Bridge Card to the market to get your SNAP tokens.  
We’re also participating in the Double Up Food Bucks program, where SNAP benefits will be matched up to $20 for fresh Michigan-grown fruits and veggies! That's $20 for free!


Monday, July 6, 7-9pm – 525 E. Kalamazoo Ave, Kalamazoo 

The Board meets the first Monday of every month. Our meetings are open to the public and all owners and community members are encouraged to attend. For more info, visit our Board of Directors page.
Monday, July 20, 7:30-8:30pm – People's Food Co-op (507 Harrison St., Kalamazoo)


Monday, July 20, 7:30-8:30pm – People's Food Co-op (507 Harrison St., Kalamazoo) 

Volunteers are what make co-ops great, and we believe we've got some of the best volunteers in the country! If you've applied to volunteer at People's, you'll first need to attend an orientation session, where we'll make sure you have everything you need to join our all-star team. Please RSVP with our volunteer coordinator today! To learn more about becoming a volunteer, check out our Help Out page.


Monday, July 20, 7:30-8:30pm – People's Food Co-op (507 Harrison St., Kalamazoo) 

Perhaps you are a PFC owner, but you're not really sure what that means. Maybe you just became an owner and want an introduction to the store. Join us for one of our new monthly owner orientations! Gain a better understanding about ownership, learn more about your Co-op, and meet other PFC owners and staff. If you are interested in joining us, please RSVP with our general manager, Chris Dilley.


Our owners are why we are here! Owners are shoppers and investors, and it is their investment, in part, that will make our expansion a success. Here are the current stats: 

Current owner count: 2834!
New owners in 2015: 153!
Current equity invested: $435,302!



To share news or an event, please email media and communications coordinator, Chris Moore.


Wednesdays through August 19, 5:30-6:30pm, Woodward School (606 Stuart Ave, Kalamazoo)

We need your help to keep the Woodward School garden growing over the summer. All ages and skill levels are welcome to come learn, play, eat, and grow in the garden!


Sunday, July 19, 11am-6pm, Bell’s Eccentric Café (355 E Kalamazoo Ave, Kalamazoo)

Summer is on its way and with it comes the summer Bizarre Bazaar. Art + sun + beer? This really is cause for celebration! Please join us in Bell’s beer garden for a pleasant afternoon of creative, handmade goods, smiling artists, hula hoops and bubbles for the kids, and delicious beer.

Many thanks to Bell’s Brewery, Erin Abueva, Heidi LaGrow, and all of the artists for making this charitable event possible! Artists, after you get the okay from Erin and Heidi, please register at


Tuesday, July 14, 4-8pm -- W.K. Kellogg Farm and Pasture Dairy Center (10461 North 40th Street, Hickory Corners, MI)

Sample and purchase the 2014 award-winning Gouda, as well as asiago and sharp cheddar. These delicious cheeses are produced from pasture based cows’ milk. Speak with Pasture Dairy staff about cheese making and our sustainable dairy practices.  Enter to win a year’s membership to the W.K. Kellogg Manor House or free lunch for two at the McCrary dining Hall at the Kellogg Biological Station. More information: or call 269-671-2402.


Because of PFC’s goal to provide access to healthy food for all, we have partnered with ERACCE(Eliminating Racism and Claiming / Celebrating Equality). If you’re interested in this work, please consider the following upcoming events, or visit ERACCE online for more information. All events are held at KRESA West Campus unless otherwise noted.
  • 2½-day Understanding & Analyzing Systemic Racism Workshop – September 24-26
  • 2½-day Understanding & Analyzing Systemic Racism Workshop – December 3-5
  • Introduction to Systemic Racism Workshop, hosted by YWCA – August 27, 8:30am-4:30pm


Get connected with local food and local growers! Check out the full list of Kalamazoo Area CSAs.


Farmers' markets are providing a great opportunity to meet local farmers and to pick up some great food, including: 

Are you inspired to eat closer to home? Do you want to find sources of local foods and share with other locavores? Well, here's a tool you'll not want to miss. To join hundreds of others with similar interests, visit their Yahoo Groups page. To learn more, please email Lori Evesque.

If you know of someone who'd like to be added to our list, or have event suggestions to share, please email our Media & Communications Coordinator, Chris Moore.